KĀLA Caviar

KĀLA Caviar is obtained from sturgeon farmed in the waters of the Ticino Valley Nature Park in Piedmont, an area with lots of springs and thus ideal for highly natural farming. The firm uses non-invasive methods for the whole production process to safeguard fish wellbeing. The fish are farmed with carefully controlled diets designed to obtain finished products (mature females) of the best quality in egg development terms. Egg extraction for caviar production is done by staff with expertise in this art. The product is normally worked using the traditional malossol technique, i.e. with a delicate salting as the only treatment. Caviar made in this way makes for eggs of optimal size, colour and crunchiness in relation to the species it comes from and is packaged at the company’s plant and then sold in stylish 10, 30, 50, 100 and 250 gram tins.