Stories from the sea.

Bringing oyster culture to Italy.

This is the dream Oyster Oasis was born from.
It is an ambitious project developed by a group of professionals sharing passion for, and in-depth knowledge of, what is undoubtedly the most regal of seafood.

The firm was set up only in 2014 but its Italian and French founders have over twenty years of experience in the sector.
Oyster Oasis currently has Italy's largest oyster park,
with over 200 types coming from the best European production chains.

And all this is preceded by sophisticated product selection work.
Extremely rigorous criteria and prestigious partnerships with the most famous oyster farmers enable Oyster Oasis to achieve constant top level quality standards right through the year.

And it’s not just about oysters.
Oyster Oasis also offers a huge assortment of seafood, crustaceans and top quality fish.
The firm is designed to fulfil all market needs with a special focus on the Ho.Re.Ca world. Our clients include a great many successful chefs, hotel chains and Michelin starred restaurants, testifying to the excellence of our products.

Our work is not simply a matter of supply.
Oyster Oasis offers its clients a 360 degree training and consultancy service.